We are proud to announce that we have TWO E.P.I.C. Leadership students!  They outshined their competition from FHS and SWHS in the Florida Farm Bureau Speech Contest on Tuesday, Sept. 5, at Freeport High School.  Earning 1st place and moving on to the Regional Competition on September 14 in Chipley is sophomore Shelbee Castrillo (second from left).  Taking 2nd place is sophomore Kayla "Cheyenne" Cordle (third from left).  These students have earned money from the Florida Farm Bureau for their accomplishments.

Both speeches centered around the following topic:
"Today's food companies employ many tactics including food labels to gain a marketing edge. How can farmers and ranchers ensure that consumers understand these labels and have more confidence in the safety and quality of their food?"

Way to go, Shelbee and Cheyenne!