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ECMS recently received a state of the art weather station.  It has a cloud camera facing south-southwest, rain gauge, barometer, thermometer, it measures UV radiation, solar radiation, the temperature in the ECMS pond, the soil temperature in the garden area and lots, lots more.  It feeds to a website accessible from anywhere in the world and even has a mobile device app.  The app is for anyone interested in our area's weather.  Last but not least, the weather station feeds to The Weather Channel which utilizes the data to provide a 10 day forecast.  There are really so many features;it?'s very exciting.

These third grade WDE students went above and beyond their AR goal! By earning 25 AR points and maintaining an 85% or higher average for the 3rd Nine Weeks, they had the opportunity to pie their teacher in the face!

 Left to Right: Allie Saunders, Addie Cook, Casi Adkinson, and Jadyn Padgett

WDE Students Pie Teacher

Left to Right: David Mendoza, Jackson Clemmons, Jessica Cook, and Troy Glenn



Mrs. Harvell’s 7th grade advance science students at WMS participated in the American Museum of Natural History’s Young Naturalist Essay competition. As part of the competition, after students choose their topic, they have to go out into the field to collect data, analyze it, and then write their findings in an essay format. Dalton Harrison and Kale Herndon were selected as sem-finalists. Dalton Harrison’s topic was “The myth about moss," and Kale Herndon’s topic was “Tree Habitats." Special congratulations to these students.
Pictured L to R: Kale Herndon, Mrs. Greer Harvell, Dalton Harrison

Twenty-two members of the South Walton High School Track and Field Team traveled to Orlando over spring break for training, excursions and to participate in the Disney High School Track & Field Showcase at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Bringing home medals were Maddie Fulmer (1st in the 3200 and 6th in the 400), Ally Woodard (5th in the 1600 and 6th in the 3200), Haley Anderson (1st in pole vault), Ryan Short (2nd in pole vault), Micah Ryan (5th in 800), Amy Broadt (7th in 100 m hurdles), and Christian Friis (6th in discus).

WMS Achieve 3000

 Walton Middle School (WMS) has a national scholastic winner. WMS participates in a nationwide program called Achieve 3000.  Students at WMS compete at the school level, state level and national level.  Students are encouraged to continue to work on the program at home if they have Internet access.  The competition consists of a class score, as well as individual scores.  Points are earned by completion with 75% or higher on the first try.  The classes have two competitions a year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  The 2014 fall competition was won by one of Mrs. Amy Bennett’s classes. 

During the 2015 Spring Competition WMS had some students who won not only at the school level, but at the state and national level.  This means these students scored high on each program and completed the most, too. Trevon Randolph, 6th grade, won the state earning the most points for the day on February 25, 2015. Another 6th grader, Kaymon Miller, also won for the state earning the most points for the day on February 26, 2015.  Special congratulations to these young men.

Elrod Vo is a very ambitious and motivated 6th grader.  For the week of February 23-27, 2015, Elrod had the most points for the entire week.  Next he had the most points in the state on March 3, 2015, and then on March 5, 2015, Elrod won the most points in the entire nation.

Special congratulations to all these students for their hard work and dedication.  Congratulations to Mrs. Bennett for her help and encouragement.  

Pictured L – R Elrod Vo, Mrs. Amy Bennett, Trevon Randolph, Kaymon Miller