We encourage all students to review and complete the summer reading requirements set forth in the files at the bottom of the page.  The requirements for English I through IV, as well as AP Literature & Composition and AP Language & Composition, are provided. 

Students may use Remind (see below) to communicate with grade level teachers regarding questions they may have regarding the requirements.

Another reading resource is SYNC, which offers weekly FREE audiobook downloads from May to August.  Information regarding this program is below.

Remind notifications
To receive messages via text, send a text message to 81010 for the corresponding group(s) below.  (You can opt out of messages at any time by replying "unsubscribe" + teachers' username.)

English I - Mrs. Lawson - @mrsnlaws
English II - Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Nick, Mrs. Stephenson - @readwhs10
English III - Mrs. Lawson - @mrsnlawso
English IV - Mrs. Nick - @whsread12
AP Language & Composition - Mr. Pert - @g2ccg6
AP Literature - Mrs. Nick - @readaplit

You may also sign up to receive messages via email using the following addresses.

English I - Mrs. Lawson - mrsnlaws@mail.remind.com
English II - Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Nick, Mrs. Stephenson - readwhs10@mail.remind.com
English III - Mrs. Lawson - mrsnlawso@mail.remind.com
English IV - Mrs. Nick - whsread12@mail.remind.com
AP Language & Composition - Mr. Pert - g2ccg6@mail.remind.com
AP Literature - Mrs. Nick - readaplit@mail.remind.com

SYNC audiobooks
From May to August, SYNC offers weekly FREE audiobook downloads of a teen title paired with a classic/required reading title.  For information regarding available titles, visit http://www.audiobooksync.com/.

(Please note:  While Walton High School feels these resources can be worthwhile, all of them have not been evaluated by WHS staff members; therefore, please be aware that audiobooks may contain content that may be questionable to parents and/or students.  We encourage parents to preview the audiobooks to determine their educational value and appropriateness.)

Summer Reading Downloads
To Kill a Mockingbird
Into the Wild
Mayor of Casterbridge
Jane Eyre
The Bluest Eye
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Jungle
Their Eyes Were Watching God
In Cold Blood
East of Eden
The Awakening
The Grapes of Wrath
The Joy Luck Club