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Dear Brave Students and Families,

Welcome back to Walton High School (WHS), virtual edition! To continue providing you with a high-quality education, your teachers have been developing online courses specifically tailored to meet your needs. These virtual courses will be delivered through Edgenuity, an accredited and approved virtual education provider. All WHS students will be enrolled in a virtual edition of their math, ELA, social studies and science courses from this school year. Students will be expected to log into Edgenuity and complete at least 50 minutes of work per day in each content area. Course work completed through Edgenuity will allow students to complete current core courses leading to promotion and graduation. Luckily, your teachers will be available virtually to provide guidance. Edgenuity has a built-in communication feature by which teachers and students can correspond. Families should also expect regular communication from WHS teachers through phone calls and/or video conferencing.

WHS, virtual edition, will begin for students on Monday, March 30th. All students are expected to log into Edgenuity, through ClassLink, during the day on Monday and begin their coursework. Teachers will be accessible to students during their normal work hours, but students may engage with Edgenuity anytime during the day or night. For guidance on how to access Edgenuity, please download the Edgenuity Login document in the resources provided below. All students should download the Virtual Learning Expectations document and read over each item carefully.

For many WHS students, this will be your first experience as a virtual learner. You are expected to employ the same best practices when learning through Edgenuity that you do when sitting in your teacher’s classroom. You are expected to engage fully with each and every lesson and activity, keep a notebook and take detailed notes for each lesson, ask questions of your teacher when you need help, keep up with your assignments, give your best effort and above all, continue building your legacy of excellence and be Brave.

For students unfamiliar with Edgenuity, please see the resources provided below to assist with trouble shooting common problems. If students have questions about any assigned courses, they should call the school before beginning work. If you need further assistance, please contact the school at 850-892-1270. Only families without internet access will be provided paper portfolios for work completion. All other students are expected to engage with Edgenuity courses. We miss you and hope to see you soon! Go Braves!


WHS Administration

At-Home Guidance Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look at our frequently asked questions page for more information on COVID-19 related news and WHS curriculum and instruction. If you do not find answers to your questions here, please contact the school at 850-892-1270, or by e-mail to [email protected] We will update this FAQ regularly in an effort to ensure you have the most current information possible.

AP Resources

Daily online AP review lessons taught by some of the best AP teachers in the country are available at  These online lessons will begin on Wednesday, March 25, 2020. The AP exam schedule is now available and can be viewed by clicking HERE. Please click the link below to access current AP lesson schedules on YouTube.

We also encourage students to follow Trevor Packer on Twitter.  He is the Vice President over AP and has been answering questions live on his feed.

Update: 4/29/2020

College Board has released new resources to assist students with preparing for AP exams in May of 2020. Students may access explainer videos at the link below to view information on AP assessments.

AP Exam Video Tutorials

An AP Testing Guide is available that provides information on how to use the AP exam-ticket, essential steps that need to be taken before exam day, understanding how exam day will look and information about exam scores and college credit. This document can be downloaded below. Please also download the AP Exam Day Checklist. It is recommended that students complete this checklist prior to exam day and have the checklist available during the exam.

CollegeBoard will be releasing an AP Exam Demo on May 4th. All students should take advantage of this Demo opportunity to determine whether or not their device can support the exam and to ensure they understand how the exam will function.