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Important Information About Weighted GPA:

  • You are able to earn a weighted GPAs for college level classes, like AP or dual enrollment.
  • Weighted GPAs is based on the idea that some high school classes are much harder than others, and these hard classes should carry more weight. You'll noticed that a college level class is weighted more than an honors level class. And an honors level class is weighted more than a regular class.
Grade Regular Honors College
A 4.0 4.5 5.0
B 3.0 3.5 4.0
C 2.0 2.5 3.0


1.5 2.0
F 0.0 0.0 0.0

  • Semester grades and end of the year grades are the only grades that are calculated in your GPA.
  • Honors, dual enrollment, and advanced placement classes hold different weights when calculating your GPA.
  • Virtual classes also count when calculating your GPA.
  • Middle school course do not count when calculating your GPA. However, the only exceptions to this is Algebra 1, Geometry, and Introduction to Info Technology.
  • Remember GPA that we look at is that cumulative GPA (all your classes from your 9th grade year to your current year).

Calculate Your Weighted GPA Online


Step#1: Go to webpage link above.

Step #2: Before you begin, you need to change the grading scale.

            Step 2a: After you clicked "change the grading scale", click on "traditional"

            Step 2b: Scroll down and click on "H=4.5, AP=5.0"

Step #3: Enter the class, the grade, and identify if the class is an reg/Honors/AP.

Step #4: Weighted GPA will automatically appear on the bottome of the box for that term.

Calculate Your Weighted GPA by Paper & Pencil

Step #1: Fill out the chart below for each class that you have taken (if you need assistance with this part, please ask Ms.Broadway in the SSA office for a print out of your transcript).

Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E
Class # of Credits Grade Earned Assigned Point Value for Grade Calculate:Column B x Column D
1/2 or 1
1/2 or 1
1/2 or 1

** For Column D: Use the table on the top of this webpage to assign the correct point values based on the grade earned and academic level of the class (regular, honors, or college level).

Step #2: Add up Column E. Total for Column E =________

Step #3: Add up Column B. Total for Column B= ________

Step #4: Total for Column E divided by Total for Column B = GPA