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For a project in Ms. McMillan's Digital Information Technology class, students were asked to follow the steps of development and marketing to create a product or service to be sold to the public. Students had no limits on what their product or service could be and were to work under the idea that they had unlimited resources. For his project, Blaise Cottle (9th grade), developed the 27th letter. He explained that the point of his letter (pronounced "ei-SSSS") was to replace the "es" and "ies" at the end of plural words. Blaise shared his creative idea with the rest of his class and the seniors in Mrs. Hall's AP Literature class, giving them examples of how the new letter works and providing them with a visual aide of what the letter looks like. We are proud of Blaise and his excellence in innovation.



Paxton Freshman Creates 27th Letter


Paxton Freshman Creates 27th letter

Walton High Hosts Blood Drive

September 19, 2019

Walton High School hosted a blood drive on September 18, and it was a huge success!  There were 47 people that donated to this worthwhile cause.  We appreciate everyone's willingness to give... and help save lives.

Submitted by Christy English

Sophia Bock, Natalie Reid, Maddox Rhea and Amy Simms earned perfect scores on their Biology 1 EOC last year at SWHS.  Great job Seahawks!


Mr. Joe Proffitt's ag students at Walton Middle School recently had a unique learning opportunity.  Jayme Danner and Dakota Cassady of Two Gals and a Goat from Florala, Alabama, visited the ag classes, sharing fascinating knowledge about various breeds of goats.  They also made fresh goat cheese with the students.  Initially, some of the students were reluctant to sample the unique cheese, but most who dared to try it deemed it delicious.  Mrs. Danner and Ms. Cassady specialize in crafting a variety of all-natural soaps, lotions, and skincare products--all made from raw goat milk.  Mr. Proffitt's students' horizons were broadened by this interactive and engaging ag-related presentation. Submitted by Kristen Nelwon
Proffit WMS
Proffit WMS
Proffit WMS

Since January of this year, three Paxton students have been working towards the Hog and Ham Competition in Gainesville (Hydie Varnum, Cassie Varnum, and Jeffrey Wilson). Students from all over the state participate in this event. Paxton students traveled to Gainesville three times this year. The first visit was the introduction of the program for students who had been selected to participate. The second visit was to butcher the hog and prepare it to be taken home. During their last visit a few weeks ago, the students presented their presentations on a subject related to the swine industry. Paxton's own, Jeffrey Wilson, placed 5th place overall in the competition. The entire Paxton family is very proud of these students. (Pictured: Hydie Varnum, Cassie Varnum, and Jeffrey Wilson).
Submitted by Kalli McMillan

PAX Hog and Ham

Congratulations to the newest WCSD graduates of the Youth Mental Health First Aid USA course being presented to all administration and staff of Walton County School District as part of our ongoing campaign to keep all students and employees safe! It was a great day of training on Monday, September 16, 2019 in the Carlene H Anderson Training room at WISE!

Over 200 students and family members attended the Annual Title 1 meeting and K-2 Open House last night at Maude Saunders Elementary. Parents learned about school goals, the new HOUSE System, and what it means to attend a Title 1 school. Students shared with their parents what they have learned so far this year. It was a great night at MSE! Submitted by Krisy Spence

MSE Open House

MSE Open House

MSE Open House

Freeport High School senior Kobe Phillips won 1st place in the regional Florida Farm Bureau Federation youth speech competition! He competed against other top speeches from surrounding counties within Region 1. His speech examined the impact of natural disasters on consumers and agriculture in Florida. He advances to the state level competition in Orlando on October 31st.Congratulations and good luck!