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Congratulations Stingrays!

January 13, 2016

Saturday, January 9th the Emerald Coast Middle School Cheerleaders with Coach Whitney Cooley placed first at the Cheersport Biloxi Grand Championship in the Junior Level 5 Recreation division. Congratulations Stingrays!

Rediscovering Our WHY to Understand WHAT and HOW at WMS
Submitted by Kristen Rhodes, WMS

To embark on the second semester, teachers at Walton Middle School spent the January 5th professional day rediscovering their passion for the profession and gaining tools for enhancing student success.  Teachers began the first training of the new year by completing a group activity that required them to reflect on why they teach, reminding themselves which factors of students’ lives directly lie within their circle of influence and which do not.  After this collaborative activity, teachers participated in activities geared toward unlocking the Florida Standards, focusing on academic vocabulary and text-dependent questioning.  The day was broken into segments that allowed teachers to first learn new content, then discuss and plan relevant classroom applications with their PLCs.  After breakout sessions, teachers returned to the whole group to present their PLC’s game plan for communicating their new learning to students.  In the afternoon session, district literacy coach, Rian Lyday, shared engagement strategies with teachers, emphasizing the importance of moving beyond a classroom full of compliant students into one full of actively engaged learners, making meaningful connections between education and life.


Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Freeeport Elementary Educatational Support Professional of the Year, Charles Caldwell.

Congratualations to the 2015-2016 Freeport Elementary Teacher of the Year, Sherry Ford.