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Special treat today at Paxton.  Superintendent Hughes experienced first hand the major operation of Boston Butt and Smoked Ham that goes on for our students to fundraise.  It’s an all night event that has been a great part of students being able to earn funds, learn skills, and provide such delicacies for our supportive community.  Thanks to:

Lewis Thorn                     Jacob Nelson

Becky Wilkerson             Tabitha Snow

Nicole Cain                      Chance Wilder

Kim Corbet                      Ethan Burke


For making this happen for our students, families, seniors, and communities.  EPIC3 for sure!!!!!

Where there's smoke, there's learning! Freeport High School environmental science teacher Bruce Bates and his classes partnered with the Florida Forest Service to conduct a controlled burn on campus. Bates' classes will use this burn as an opportunity to study succession as new plants begin to grow in the area. This hand-on-learning also showed students the importance of proper forest management as well as the dangers of human-related uncontrolled burns. Students will continue to utilize the site to study relevant environmental science standards. Staff and Forestry Service crew worked extensively prior to and during the burn to ensure safety. Thank you to the Forestry Service for their work managing the numerous acres around Walton County and for their support with this learning and their positive interactions with our students.

Not the way we would have chosen to return to school, but we are making it happen in the WCSD.  It’s become a temporary norm for our students, teachers, staff, and administrators.  Superintendent Hughes did drop off duty this AM with teachers and staff at Paxton.  Students did self temperature checks as well as Coach Moore and Mr. Jones standing near to use the hand thermometer as a back up.  This is why we have 86% of our students in Brick and Mortar buildings during the pandemic.  Not because we have it down perfect, but we are doing ALL we can with protocols and together with ALL stakeholders being successful.  End result…..Notice Happy Students entering to be educated by some of the Best Educators in the World!  Truly Hanging On and Gaining On.

School is Back in Session

November 30, 2020

School is back in session after the much-needed Thanksgiving Holidays.  Superintendent Hughes stopped in at the WISE Center to ascertain that we are back to our routines of Success.  Pre-K and the In10sity Programs are setting the standard HIGH as usual. 

Big Day for the Bulldogs!

November 20, 2020

Big Day for the FHS Bulldogs!  Amidst a big playoff game tonight, the attention to detail by staff is unprecedented.  Superintendent Hughes saw firsthand the challenge of our new ILDA model in Ms. Griffith’s Spanish class.  Having to balance, keep engaged, and monitor the work of on-site learners in a World Language Class is more than multi-task teaching to say the least, but our teachers are making it happen.  Also, saw Mr. Phillips come out and clean his door handle between classes.  The all time favorite Caged Bird Sings by Mayou Angelou was being analyzed in ELA.  How about this student leader sporting a tie through the halls?  Bulldog Country as Superintendent Hughes estimates 80-85% of students were wearing masks, led by Mrs. Simmons, Mr. Michie and 100% of office staff when social distancing is not possible.  This is why our quarantine numbers are great compared to other districts.  Not political or personal for our schools, just taking care of each other!  We call this EPIC3!  GO DOGS, GO DOGS, GO DOGS!

Apple Pie Making at WISE

November 20, 2020

Mrs. Savannah Infinger is teaching all about apples and how to make apple pies in the dramatic play area. 

Re-opening Update for Parents 11/20/20

I want to wish all families a Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone enjoys their well-deserved week off from school!  Please remember the luxury we have from starting school when we did.  Because we did not push our opening even further, we are able to keep our existing school calendar, which includes the entire week off for Thanksgiving, which will not take days from your family!  Thank you for understanding and supporting that decision when it was made with you in mind! 

Please click the link below for the full update.