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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - We think it's important to share some positive news each day.

For today's 850 Good News, a few students in Walton County drew some pictures with positive messages. Walton County School District shared the photos on Facebook.

Lexan, a first grader at Van R. Butler, drew a picture with a very special "thank you" to firefighters who helped save homes during the recent Musset Bayou Wildfire.

Van R. Butler Elementary School kindergartner, Eloise, has an important message. Her picture shows a girl wearing a mask reminding us all to stay safe.

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Paxton's science and aerospace students give a huge shout out to all of the professionals who gave of their time to inspire them via zoom teleconference during their time learning from home. 

Paxton Aeronautics virtual guests

Top right, Nashville recording artist Casey Kearney kicked off the first week of at home learning with a live performance to celebrate a successful first week!

Bottom left, 2000 PHS graduate Thomas Andrews returned to his alma mater via zoom to share with students about how he has used his master’s degree in biotechnology to work in chemical engineering and pediatric cancer research. 

Bottom right, Blast Research Engineer Trey Paul, of the Battelle Memorial Institute at Tyndall Air Force Base shows students how a window reacts during a blast test during his engineering talk. 

Thank you to all of the guests who shared with our students to keep them energized and inspired! 

MIP Poster

Music in Pictures is an educational art initiative & art contest sponsored by Rosemary Beach Foundation in collaboration with professional musicians and music faculty at the Florida State University. The year-long program is open to all Walton County students, K-12th grades. Live instrumental performances by a variety of musicians were provided at each of the schools in the district, along with a meaningful professional development opportunity presented by Dr. Benjamin Sung, Florida State University, for the district art instructors. This year’s 9th Annual Music in Pictures celebrates the music of three American composers, and specifically designated pieces from each of their repertoires. Students from 18 Walton County Schools and Home Schools created paintings inspired by Butterfly's Day Out by Mark O'Connor; John Adams's Short Ride in a Fast Machine; and Banjo and Fiddle by William Kroll.

Since the COVID-19 stay-at-home order circumvented the final awards ceremony, Rosemary Beach Foundation has created a virtual awards ceremony for each school, in addition to multiple separate videos highlighting the artistic renderings of our Walton County Students. 

Walton County School District wishes to congratulate all the winners in the Rosemary Beach Foundation’s Music in Pictures art competition, and express our deepest thanks to the Rosemary Beach Foundation and partners, the performing musicians, and Dr. Benjamin Sung for this outstanding program that has had such a strong positive impact for our students, teachers, and community.

Music in Pictures logo


Dune Lakes Elementary School

Emerald Coast Middle School

Freeport Elementary School

Freeport Middle School

Freeport High School

In10Sity Magnet School - WISE Center

Maude Saunders Elementary School

Mossy Head School

Paxton School

Seaside Neighborhood School

South Walton High School

Van R. Butler Elementary School

Walton Academy

Walton Middle School

Walton High School

West DeFuniak Elementary School

In each of the videos, individual student participants are named at about the 6 minute mark. You can also view some of the paintings and the school visits in the additional videos created by the Rosemary Beach Foundation at:

MIP Medalists

Young artist Eloise Medlin, Kindergartner at Van R. Butler Elementary, has a special message to all of us! "Wear your mask, and Stay Safe!"

Eloise created the picture herself at home, and added the mask to remind us all to take care of ourselves and follow safe health practices! 

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