Parents/Guardians and Students,

Please review the fall testing schedule carefully. Florida Statewide Assessments in Algebra I and English Language Arts grade 10 are required for graduation. Students participating in ILDA are still required to pass both state exams before receiving a high school diploma. Since no state tests were administered last year due to COVID-19, many students still need to take the Algebra I and 10th grade English Language Arts assessments.

Testing is scheduled by current teacher. All students currently enrolled in Geometry will be taking the Algebra I EOC. All students enrolled in an 11th grade English class will be taking the 10th grade English Language Arts assessment. All students and parents should review the calendar carefully. It is essential that students do not miss this testing opportunity. Students participating in ILDA should make arrangements to be present at WHS during your designated testing time and date. ILDA students should arrive 20 minutes prior to testing for check-in. If ILDA students do not have transportation, please contact WHS at 850-892-1270.