Student Council is hosting the Change for Children collection this week (March 27-31).  Donating your change during our school's Change for Children campaign will help feed, clothe, and care for the children of the Children's Neighborhood.  Children in Crisis is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charity working to provide homes and establish hope to the foster children of our community.

- Change competition in 2nd period classes - Collection jars will be in placed in every classroom.  The class with the most money in their jar on Friday will be given donuts on Monday morning.  

- Popcorn will be sold in Braves Blvd. on Wednesday and Thursday as soon as the dismissal bell rings.

- Students that pay $1 will be allowed to wear a hat on Friday.  Students should pay their 1st period teachers to receive their hat stickers.   (Students that do not have a 1st period class should pay Mrs. Hoppe.)