Middle & high school students:
If you and your friends – and teens throughout Florida and across the nation - could watch ONE video that would make you think twice about making life-changing decisions, what would that video be?  Grab your camera, recruit your friends, and create a 60-90 second original video aimed to change lives, and enter it into "THE FACTS. YOUR FUTURE." competition.
First Lady Casey DeSantis has officially launched “The Facts. Your Future.” website with guidelines for how Florida middle and high school students can begin posting entries in the video competition with $34,000 in cash prizes for both the winning students and their schools.  These student-created videos are intended to create peer-to-peer awareness related to substance abuse and its impact on their future.  Video entries are due April 27, 2020.
“The Facts. Your Future.” campaign is part of First Lady DeSantis’s Hope for Healing Florida initiative.  Through assemblies, evidence-based strategies, and FAQs, “The Facts. Your Future.” campaign aims to provide Florida’s youth with the facts surrounding substance abuse and how it negatively impacts their lives.
“This campaign is about giving our children the facts they need to make well-informed, educated decisions about their futures,” said First Lady Casey DeSantis.  “The video competition aims to empower our kids to realize that their voice and vision can have a real impact on influencing how their peers and their communities think about the decisions they make.”
The videos will be reviewed by a panel of judges from the Florida Department of Education, the Florida Department of Health, and the Florida Department of Children and Families.  Cash prizes are available for both middle and high school students and their schools:
1st Place Students and Schools:  $5,000 & $5,000 each
2nd Place Students and Schools:  $2,500 & $2,500 each
3rd Place Students and Schools:  $1,000 & $1,000 each
For more information about “The Facts. Your Future.” campaign and complete information about the video contest and required consent forms, visit www.fldoe.org/thefactsyourfuture.  The deadline for video submissions is 8:00 p.m. EST on April 27, 2020.