Here is a brief description of today and tomorrow's optional checkout after exams:
1. Students were given a form last week to be signed by their parent/guardian that gave them permission to checkout after exams today and tomorrow. Those forms were due last Wednesday. 
2. Those students that brought forms in will be released today (by grade level) beginning at approximately 11:45.
3. Once students sign out (designated locations based on last name), they are to immediately leave campus. 
4. The remaining students will be released from school at the normal time (3:02pm).

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to checkout your student and did NOT bring in the appropriate form, please be patient. There will be many others in the same situation. You will be required to bring a photo ID and your name must be listed in our database (populated from the emergency cards). If you are in this category, we suggest waiting until 12:00pm to come to the school. The students that brought in the appropriate forms will be released first and then we will begin checkout for those without forms (if necessary).