We want to celebrate our seniors!

Please complete the online form at the link below, email your info to christy.english@walton.k12.fl.us, OR send a private message to the Walton High School Facebook page.  Seniors that do not have Internet access may pick up a hard copy of the form at the front entrance of the school and deposit it in the designated drop box.

We will feature seniors on Facebook (in no particular order) as we receive their information.  To maintain consistency, we are only posting senior portraits from the yearbook with our shout-outs.  If you didn't get a portrait taken by the school photographer, we will post your information only (with no picture).  We are NOT accepting any other photos unless you are a transfer student that was not present during the time senior portraits were taken at school. 


If emailing or sending a private message via Facebook, please be sure to include the following info:
- Senior's name
- Parent's/guardian's name(s)
- List clubs, offices held, extracurricular activities, hobbies, interests, etc.
- Fun fact - Tell us something interesting or unique about yourself.
- What are your plans after graduation?
- What's your favorite quote or the quote you live by?