ECTC and WHS have been working together to making the Fall 2021 enrollment process for our students who are interested in the dual enrollment program at ECTC easier.   All students who are interested in participating in ECTC dual enrollment program needs to have:

(1)an unweighted cumulative GPA of a 2.0 or higher and 16 years or older by August 6th 2021

(2) have taken the TABE placement test. Students don’t need to pass the placement test at the start of the program,  but they do need to pass the placement test by the completion of the program.


Any student who listed ECTC as a top elective choice on their registration form was handed an ECTC registration form by their guidance counselor at the end of February to be returned at the beginning of March.  ECTC is currently processing all registration forms that students have returned. Students who returned the completed ECTC registration form are scheduled to take the TABE test during the school day on one of the following day followed by a program tour :


Monday, April 5th@ 9:30am = Auto & HVAC interested students

Monday, April 5th@ noon = Electricity (group 1)  interested students


Tuesday, April 6th@ noon = Electricity(group 2) interested students


Monday, April 12th@ 9:30am = PCT interested students

Monday, April 12th@ noon = Welding  interested students


**WHS will be busing the students to ECTC to complete the TABE test during the school day. Students will be given a testing reminder notification a week before they are scheduled to test.


Once students have completed the TABE test, ECTC admissions counselor, Ms. Lisa Jones will be contacting you in May to set up a mandatory parent/student meeting to enroll in the ECTC program.


If you have any questions or a child who is interested in ECTC but did not indicate it on their registration form, please contact Ms. Randi Anne McKie, guidance counselor for dual enrollment for all grade levels at [email protected] to get more information.