Parents/Guardians and Students,

We have been notified that many of you are experiencing issues with Edgenuity courses.  For some students, Edgenuity has either reset your course or removed you from the course entirely.  WHS is working with Edgenuity to determine a solution.  We will continue to support you and make sure you have opportunities to learn and grow.  Technical glitches with Edgenuity will not affect your course grade.  We ask that students spend 50 minutes per day working on each assigned Edgenuity course.  Students should not spend hours attempting to catch up when behind or complete an entire course as soon as possible.  Families across the state are experiencing internet and connectivity issues.  Given the obstacles faced by students learning at home, students are not expected to complete their entire assigned course.  We only want to see they are putting forth effort by spending 50 minutes a day in each course.

If you experience issues, please contact your teachers or call WHS at 850-892-1270.  We see the hard work you are all putting forth!  You make us proud to be Braves!

WHS Administration