We are gearing up for registration for the Summer and/or Fall 2021 dual enrollment registration at NWFSC.   All students who participate in NWFSC dual enrollment program needs to have:


(1)  an unweighted cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher

(2) have taken the placement test (Pert, SAT, or ACT). For all academic courses and most elective courses, a particular placement scores is required for a student to take the course.  Note: By the 12th credit, dual enrollment student must have passing placement scores in all areas to continue with the dual enrollment program

(3) have a NWFSC Raidernet Student ID Number.  NWFSC Raidernet Student ID Number instructions are located in the SSA office on a bright pink paper, this process is completed on the NWFSC website and will take 3 business days to complete. 


IMPORTANT DATES for potential dual enrollment student AND current dual enrollment students:


  • Monday, March 29th  = First day to make an appointment with Ms. McKie to discuss Summer and/or Fall 2021 Dual enrollment at NWFSC.  Interested students who meet the requirements above or continuing dual enrollment students will make a dual enrollment appointment to discuss the dual enrollment online application, schedules, etc. Dual enrollment appointments are a requirement for WHS to sign off on dual enrollment registration forms. Registration forms submitted prior to the dual enrollment appointment will be denied.   Ms. McKie’s dual enrollment virtual appointment book link: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=22242500   Appointment book will have available appointments starting on Monday, March 29th.  Dual enrollment appointments are available virtually or in person, parent/guarding participation is highly encouraged but not required.
    • We are recommending that all continuing dual enrollment students meet with an NWFSC Academic Navigator prior to meeting Ms. McKie to make sure you are on track for an AA degree.   Mr. Charlie Stevenson (NWFSC DeFuniak Springs campus) is the NWFSC Academic Navigator that we recommend you see for advisement.  Please contact him to schedule an appointment either face to face or virtually. His email address is: [email protected] or you can call him at 850-678-5111 ext. 6190


  • Thursday, March 30th  @ 6pm – Dual Enrollment Virtual Information Session. NWFSC is hosting a free Dual Enrollment Webinar presented by NWFSC Dual Enrollment Director, Ms. Heather Dietzold. Topics that will be covered: Updates for the summer/fall semester (ex. new dual enrollment form, etc.) and an overview of the dual enrollment process. Please register at this link: March 30 - Virtual Info Session to receive the weblink to view the live webinar.


  • Monday, April 5th = First appointment meeting day with Ms. McKie and first day to turn in registration forms electronically to NWFSC. Please note: NWFSC will not start entering forms until Monday, April 12th  which is their official 1st day for dual enrollment to register.


  • Summer Session start dates:


    • Term 1 & 2: May 17th
    • Term 3: June 30th
    • Term 4: June 16


  • Monday, May 24th = last day to add/drop class for the summer term 1 and 2.


  • Thursday, July 15th = WHS recommend date to register for Fall semester classes at NWFSC.  Class availability at NWFSC becomes very limited if you register after this date.


  • Wednesday, August 18th = First day of classes at NWFSC for the fall semester


  • Wednesday, August 25th = Last day to add/drop classes for the fall semester.



If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Randi Anne McKie, guidance counselor for dual enrollment for all grade levels at [email protected].