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Honor student designation will be based on a weighted ‘cum laude’ system according to the following district-wide GPA standards:

                   4.50 and above    Summa Cum Laude (highest honors)

                   4.20 – 4.49           Magna Cum Laude (high honors)

                   4.00 – 4.19           Cum Laude (honors)

A student’s final weighted honors GPA for graduation purposes will be calculated at the end of the seventh semester for 24 credit graduates.  Honor graduates will be determined by averaging the following highest 17 credits:

3.5 English credits

2.5 Social Science Credits

3.5 Math credits

2.5 Science credits

1.5 Foreign Language credits of the same language

3.5 Elective credits


17.0 Total Credits

Weighted points will be assigned to courses according to the following table:



Grade Point Value


Grade Point Value


Grade Point Value

Full Weight Point - AP/Dual Course

























ACT Testing

** Tests are administered at Walton High School.  **

Act Test Dates & Registration Deadlines

For more info, visit

Don't forget to bring a photo ID and your ACT test ticket.

SAT Testing

22-23 Sat test dates and registration deadlines

For more info, visit

Dual Enrollment Process

Northwest Florida State College Dual Enrollment Checklist

Northwest Florida State College’s Dual Enrollment program provides the opportunity for qualified high school students from Walton County, who meet the eligibility criteria specified in their district’s governing articulation agreement, to enroll in college courses while simultaneously enrolled in a Walton County public high school.  Students receive both high school and college credit for these courses.  Dual Enrollment students are exempt from tuition, matriculation, student access card fee and laboratory fees, and textbooks are provided by the district. Students who lose a textbook will have to repay the District for the textbook.

Interested in dual enrollment?
Make sure you are academically eligible for the dual enrollment program:
     * Unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
     * Meet the dual enrollment entrance placement scores below






Min. Score

Student Score

Min. Score

Student Score

Min. Score

Student Score

Min. Score

Student Score











24 and above


25 and above




26.5 and above





103+ Reading 106-150






- The PERT test is offered at Walton High School, $5 per test once in the fall and once in the spring. The PERT is offered at NWFSC campus every week and remotely from home.  Cost: $15 per test.  Test scores will be available immediately after the test. To register for the remote Pert test, visit  Feel free to call or email NWFSC for questions regarding PERT testing at home - / 850-729-6016.

- Please make sure you bring your scores to WHS guidance to have them entered into Focus.

- The SAT and ACT are offered on Saturdays, and Walton High School is a test center for these tests.  Test scores will be available 3-4 weeks after the test date.  To sign up for these tests, visit or

** YOU CAN SKIP THIS STEP ONLY IF YOU WERE ENROLLED IN THE PREVIOUS SEMESTER (fall, spring, summer).  For example, you may skip this step if you are currently taking courses in the fall term and you are registering for the spring semester.

In October (for spring semester enrollment) / February (for summer/fall semester enrollment):

Apply online for Dual Enrollment

Go to and click on the red “Apply Now” button in the middle of the video screen.

Create a user account, then select and complete the dual enrollment admission application.

For assistance, watch this step-by-step tutorial on how to apply:

Information that you will need for the online application:

     * First Name, Last Name

     * Concentration: Walton High School

     * High School Code: 100390

     * Home Address/City/State/Zip Code

     * Personal Email Address

     * Birthdate

     * Social Security Number  (This is optional, but it will help locate your records in the future.)

 Check your personal email for your NWFSC raidernet ID and student email account information.

Write down your NWFSC Raidernet ID Number somewhere you can find it again.  You will need this to register for classes in November/March.

Log in to check your NWFSC email, as all official communication from NWFSC will take place using your NWFSC email address.

Write down the date that you completed the NWFSC online application.  You will be asked for this in the dual enrollment meeting with Ms. McKie.

Returning Dual Enrollment students
Please meet with a NWFSC academic navigator (at least one time a year) to discuss with them your program of study.  They will be able to make sure you are headed in the right direction for your AA degree.  They can recommended courses that you still need to take to complete your AA degree.  Walton High School recommends Student Success Navigator, Mr. Charlie Stevenson.  Mr. Stevenson is located at the DeFuniak Springs NWFSC campus.  Email him at OR call 850-678-5111, ext 6190, to make an appointment.

In November (for spring semester)/ March (for summer/fall semester):

One week prior to the first day of registration of the semester, look for courses on the NWFSC webpage.  Go to  In the top right corner, click on “class search.”  Select the term of your class.  Students may take up to 16 college credit hours per fall/spring semester, and two classes during the summer semester.  Students may take up to four classes online per semester (during the COVID 19 pandemic).  We highly encourage students to select alternate classes in case they do not get the top choices.  This will save time going back and forth between NWFSC and WHS.

Make an appointment with Ms. McKie online at, and pick up a yellow dual enrollment registration form guide.  Ms. McKie will meet with all grade level dual enrollment students.  Appointments must be made at least one day before the appointment time.  No walk-in appointments will be available. Parents/guardians are highly encouraged to attend, but this is not required.  Virtual Zoom meeting appointments are available by request.

Please bring the following to your scheduled dual enrollment meeting:

- First time dual enrollment students:

  • Dual enrollment placement scores (PERT, ACT, SAT scores)

  • Raidernet ID number

  • Yellow NWFSC Dual Enrollment Registration Form Guide (Have everything filled out up to Course #1.)

  • It's highly recommended to have a parent/guardian attend your dual enrollment meeting.

- Returning dual enrollment students:

  • Raidernet ID number

  • Yellow NWFSC Dual Enrollment Registration Form Guide  (Have everything filled out with courses/course section numbers that you are interested in.)

  • Optional:  Notes from your meeting with NWFSC academic navigator

During your Dual Enrollment appointment with Ms. McKie, we will:

- Complete a graduation check to make sure you are on track to graduate.

- Go over any questions or concerns you may have about the dual enrollment process.

- Assist in course search and selection.

- Assist with the *new* online dual enrollment registration form.

- Sign off on course selection, cumulative unweighted GPA, and dual enrollment placement test scores.

- Sign up for text messaging apps for dual enrollment students and your grade level class Remind.

- Go online to complete and submit your online dual enrollment registration form. 

Upon the student submission, NWFSC will send a verification email to the parent/guardian.

Following the parent/guardian submission of verification, an email will be sent to Ms. McKie for approval.

Following Ms. McKie’s approval, the student will receive an email documenting that their dual enrollment form has been submitted to NWFSC for processing.

Please check your Raidernet account (not Blackboard) within 1-3 days of receiving the submission email to NWFSC to verify enrollment in courses.  Contact Ms. McKie if you have any issues with incorrect courses or missing courses on your NWFSC Raidernet account. 

Take your schedule (must be printed) and Raider ID card to the NWFSC Barnes and Noble Bookstore at the Niceville Campus to pick up your textbooks.  Book store hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Please note:  You should NOT have to pay for textbooks or access codes for online course materials.  Contact Ms. McKie if you are asked to make a payment or are having issues with textbooks.

  • 1st time dual enrollment students:  NWFSC Student ID card – Once your registration has been processed, you can go to any NWFSC campus (ex. DeFuniak campus) between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday to get your NWFSC student ID card made.  You will need to have some form of photo identification to get your NWFSC student ID made.  I would highly recommend you call the NWFSC campus prior to going to make sure someone will be there to help you when you arrive.

    • NWFSC Niceville campus:  850-502-2895

    • NWFSC DeFuniak Springs campus: 850-678-5111, ext. 6190


Check your NWFSC email daily throughout the semester, as all official communication from NWFSC will be sent to this email address.

PERT Test Info and Study Resources

Why take the PERT test?   This test is a requirement if you plan on taking dual enrollment classes at NWFSC.  NWFSC usually offers this test on their campus three times a week.  You may contact NWFSC at 850-892-8100 to find out their PERT test schedule.  We offer this test at Walton High School 2-3 times a year.  Note:  We will be offering the PERT test at Walton High School once in the fall and again in the spring.

PERT Test Study Resources: (Practice Test and Study Guide Documents)

Student Services Staff

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Student Services Secretary (attendance, registration, withdrawal, bus information, lunch numbers, lost & found, school info & testing, transcript and report card requests, check-in/check-out, and absences)

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