Mission and Belief Statements

Vision Statement

Our vision at Walton High School is to create a positive, relationship-driven, student-centered learning environment that prepares all students for success.

Mission Statement

100% of students will graduate and be eligible to enroll in a Florida college.


We, the staff of Walton High School, believe that all students should be offered educational experiences which prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of life in the 21st century.  By acknowledging and nurturing their unique talents, capabilities, and interests, we will assist all students in the realization of their potential.  We further acknowledge our responsibility to instill in students the desire for excellence and the wisdom to seek it in every aspect of their lives.  To that end, we believe that all students must acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible citizenship, productive employment, life-long learning, and personal fulfillment.  We strive, then, to enhance the lives of our young people in terms of their public and private roles within the local, national, and global communities.  Therefore, all Walton High School programs and instructional efforts will prepare our students to meet these expectations.

Alma Mater

Our strong bond shall ne'er be broken,
formed at Walton High,
far surpassing wealth unspoken,
sealed by friendship's tie.
Alma Mater,
Alma Mater,
deep graven on each heart,
shall be found unwavering true,
when we in life shall part.


Today I will be the best that I can be, demonstrating integrity in all that I do.  I will treat others with respect remembering always to respect myself first.  Today I will demonstrate those behaviors that are consistent with following my own dreams and aspirations while I inspire others to follow theirs.

Belief Statements

  • Each student is unique and capable of achievement.

  • Students learn in diverse ways and require a variety of teaching strategies.

  • Students learn best in an environment that is disciplined, fosters respect for authority, and encourages learning.

  • Students learn best when family members are actively involved in their education.

  • Students are challenged by a curriculum that is dynamic and responsive to the changing needs of society.

  • Teachers and administrators are professionals who work continuously to upgrade their knowledge and engage in activities that enhance their effectiveness as educators.

  • Teachers and administrators will seek to develop innovative and creative strategies that enhance the educational climate.

  • School personnel, students, parents, and the community will work in partnership and demonstrate an active commitment to education.

  • School personnel, students, parents, and the community will recognize ethnic and cultural diversity and encourage an understanding and awareness of differences.

  • Education is lifelong learning and learning for life.

Vision for the Future

We at Walton High School want to create an atmosphere that will inspire an environment of discovery, critical thinking, and understanding where children are stimulated to seek innovative and effective educational experiences.


  1. The students are excited about learning.

  2. The students are confident in their ability to experience success and accept responsibility for their actions and achievements.

  3. The students care about themselves and others, and they have a sense of responsibility to the community.


  1. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their children's education.

  2. The staff is professional, enthusiastic, and caring. They assist students in organizing information and coordinating educational activities.

  3. The employees and students are working in partnership with the community to develop responsible, productive citizens in our democratic society.

Students, upon graduation, will be able to think critically and creatively, solve problems, communicate effectively, use technology efficiently, and possess interpersonal skills that allow them to function competently as they transition to colleges and careers.