Attention Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) Dual Enrollment students:

*** Update #1
The number of online courses allowed to be completed online for the Fall 2020 term has increased from two courses to 16 credits.  To change your current dual enrollment NWFSC schedule OR to add a course that may have been cancelled, please fill out the add/drop form (at the link below) to add/drop course(s) from your schedule.  When searching for courses at NWFSC, please make sure there are seats available in the course.  To search for available classes, visit  If you need additional help searching for courses, please call Mr. Charlie Stevenson, NWFSC Student Success Navigator, at the DeFuniak Campus at 850-678-5111, ext 6190, for assistance.

Add/Drop form

We encourage students pursuing an AA degree to contact a NWFSC Academic Navigator to make sure your new course(s) will apply toward your AA degree.

Students should send their completed add/drop form (as an attachment) to Ms. McKie via email ([email protected]).  She will send forms to the college for processing.  Students need to check their Raidernet accounts 3-7 business days after they've sent Ms. McKie their form to make sure their schedules are correct.

*** Update #2
Registered Walton High School 3-pack students

WHS and NWFSC are aware that the college success course has been cancelled in students' schedules for the Fall 2020 term.  We have been working with NWFSC to get this issue resolved.  They are working to find a replacement teacher for this course and/or finding an online college success course students can take during the time of the originally-scheduled class.  No action is required on your part at this time.  

NWFSC will notify Ms. McKie about the final teaching format of this class, and she will text 3-pack students to let them know.  At this time, all enrolled 3-pack students should make sure they are on Ms. McKie's text messaging app so they can receive the latest updates.

Please email Ms. McKie ([email protected]) if you have any questions.