With the Coronavirus outbreak, Walton High School wants to help students find ways to learn while away from the classroom.  What better way to engage minds than through reading?  We have an exciting reading service available through Sora, a student reading app that provides free 24/7 access to ebooks and audiobooks.

Running through July 31, 2020, the SORA SWEET READS program offers a collection of juvenile and young adult titles for quick and easy unlimited access.  In addition to these titles, we have also added numerous classic novels to our collection. You can explore our title offerings through the Sora app, which is accessible through Classlink.  Simply log in using your school credentials and have instant access to hundreds of digital books on virtually any device.  You can also download the Sora app for Android and iOS.

Stay safe, Braves...and KEEP READING!

Sora Sweet Reads