Josiah Baur has been selected to receive the All Sports Spirit award this year. This award honors students who meet the following criteria:

  • Actively participates in high school sports, cheer, band or team management. 
  • Inspires other students through action and example. 
  • Gives freely of their time and talents, thereby contributing directly to the success of their high school athletic program and their fellow classmates. 
  • Embodies school spirit. 

Athletic Director Bobby Moore described Josiah best in his quote to the All Sports Association:

Josiah is the perfect example of the All Sports Award. He is an expert football and soccer player.  He is a leader and best player on both teams.  Josiah is the 1st student to jump into a skit at pep rallies and is also seen in the student section of all sports events at Walton High School, helping with school spirit.

Walton High School is proud of Josiah and his dedication to being a wonderful person and student as well as an excellent athlete. Congratulations Josiah!