The Walton High School Anchor Club is sponsoring the 2016 Miss DeFuniak Springs Pageant to be held at Walton High School on April 23.  Competition will take place in the following age divisions: 

Miss DeFuniak Springs (ages 17-21 by October 7, 2016)
Little Miss DeFuniak Springs  (First Time First Graders)
(Participants in the Miss & Little Miss must be residents of or attend school in DeFuniak Springs.)

Teen Miss DeFuniak Springs (ages 13-16 by November 1, 2016)
Junior Miss DeFuniak Springs (ages 10-12)
Young Miss DeFuniak Springs (ages 7-9)
Future Little Miss DeFuniak Springs (ages 4-6)
Tiny Miss DeFuniak Springs (ages 2 & 3)
(Participants in these age groups must be residents of or attend school in Walton County.)

Tiny, Future Little, Young, and Junior will begin at 1:00 p.m.  Little, Teen, and Miss will begin at 7:00 p.m.

The pageant is a preliminary to the Miss and Little Miss National Peanut Festival Pageants.  The deadline for entry is April 8.  The cost for entering the pageant is $50, and contestants may also participate in the optional photogenic competition for $10 more.  All proceeds from the pageant will benefit the Walton High School Anchor Club.  For more information contact the directors of the pageant:  David Pert at 850-892-1270, ext. 4496, or 850-401-1505 or Anna Cramer at 850-892-1270, ext. 4424, or 850-585-3529.  Information is also available on our website at