Congratulations to this year's Homecoming Court attendants & escorts!

Voting for Queen & King will take place tomorrow (Oct. 9) and Thursday (Oct. 10) during lunches. Dual-enrolled students may come in and vote with Mrs. Hoppe if they're not able to come during lunch. Voting will close at 3:00 on Thursday afternoon.





L to R: Alexis Hensley, Jarek Lindsey, Sarya Johnson, Trey Atlow, Alionna Jones, Dakitris McCall, Daisha Cunningham, David Goldsmith

Freshmen Homecoming Attendants & Escorts


L to R: Asia McCaskill, Alex Lacey, Paige Crews, Evan McBroom, Jada Fretwell, Will Ealum

Sophomore Homecoming Attendants & Escorts


L to R: Icecess Trammell, Scott Anderson, Jayda Siples, Keylin Reed, Jasmine Wilson, Tre'Joun Brinson

Junior Homecoming Attendants & Escorts


L to R: Caitlyn Johnson, Ben King, Sarah Brannon, Patton Bell, Emilice Morales, Austin Thacker, Caslyn Cole, Hunter Smith, Shelbee Castrillo, Lorenzo Miodus-Santini, Aaliyah Fields, Colton Gomez, Jessica Gray, Davian Lindsey
(Not pictured: Jenna Adams & Will Campbell)

Senior Homecoming Attendants & Escorts

The presentation of the Court will begin on Friday, October 18, at 6:30 p.m., and our new Queen & King will be announced after the presentation of the Court and immediately before the football game.