Students and parents/guardians:
In an effort to help families finish the school year successfully and begin planning for summer, Walton High School teachers will be focusing their efforts only on students who still need to complete assignments in order to receive a grade for the 4th 9 week period. All students who have at least 6 grades listed in Focus no longer need to complete additional assignments. We will average these 6 grades together in order to finalize your child's 4th 9 weeks grade.
Please review Focus grades for core content area courses (science, social studies, math, English). If your child does not have 6 grades listed in Focus for each of his/her courses, additional work will need to be completed. All "NG's" or no grade entries will be replaced with graded assignments by May 22. Credit for elective courses will be given based on 3rd 9 weeks grades. If you have questions about your child's progress, please contact WHS at 850-892-1270.