College Board has released new resources to assist students with preparing for AP exams in May, 2020.  These AP exams have been specifically designed to allow students to take exams in a timely manner while at home.  All students enrolled in AP courses are expected to take the AP exams for their respective courses.  These exams are for our students' benefit and can lead to college credit with qualifying scores. 

To assist students with understanding how exam day will look, College Board has released an AP Testing Guide & AP Exam Day Checklist, and they have also provided AP exam tutorial videos.  These documents and web resources can all be accessed at the links below.  Please take the time to review the resources and contact your child's AP teacher with questions. You may view your AP exam testing date and time by clicking HERE.

The AP Testing Guide contains the following:

- How to use your AP Exam Ticket

- Essential tasks before exam day

- Understanding exam day

- Information about exam scores and college credit

The AP Exam Day Checklist should be completed for each exam a student takes.  College Board recommends that students keep the checklist next to them during testing.

On May 4, students will have the opportunity to engage with an AP exam demo.  This demo will allow students to test their device to ensure it meets compatability requirements.  All students should participate in the exam demo.

AP Exam Tutorial Videos - Click this link for access to the exam tutorial videos.  These videos provide students with specific information on testing.

If you have issues accessing the resources on this page, you may access these same resources at the bottom of our At-Home Learning Support page.

If you need assistance accessing tools to allow your child to test, please contact your child's teacher or WHS at 850-892-1270.